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Disclaimer: please note that nothing on this website should be construed as medical advice. The psychedelic preparation and integration service is only provided to those who can legally access such medicine in their jurisdiction and with knowledgeable medical supervision. 

The 'psychedelic renaissance' is well underway. Studies on the benefits and clinical applications of psychedelic medicines come out incessantly, and legal reform catches up slowly but surely in several jurisdiction. From time immemorial before the emergence of this scientific interest in psychedelics, humans have consumed psychedelic substances for spiritual growth and personal healing. Science now sheds light on some of the mechanisms behind the power of plant and mushroom medicines.

One such mechanism is increased neuroplasticity, which allows our brains to shed the connections behind dysfunctional learned habits, for instance, and create new ones. 

A second mechanism is the increase in communication between different parts of the brain, which allows us to inhabit parts of us that we may have ignored, bringing them into healing and integration.

Psychedelic substances also seem to flatten the hierarchies between different networks in our brains, allowing us to experience the world from new perspectives, beyond the usual self-centred chatter of our default mode network. 

Together, these and other effects of psychedelic medicine can help catalyze profound healing: not the symptom patches we're used to in Western culture, but the deep transformation that comes from safe, courageous and compassionate inquiry.

These effects, however, can only be leveraged towards personal healing and transformation with appropriate preparation and integration. 

Preparation refers to the process of maximizing the safe consumption of the medicine, choosing appropriate guidance, setting and so forth. It also involves clarifying one's intention for the journey (or the micordosing regimen). 

Integration is often the most challenging and crucial step of all: we are called to bring the insights from our journey into our daily lives. This often requires actively changing patterns that hurt us but feel familiar and are hard to abandon. By leveraging neuroplasticity, we can learn to build a new, fuller, healthier version of ourselves day after day. 

When properly prepared, consumed and integrated, psychedelic journeys can be life-changing experiences - watershed moments that mark new beginnings of growth and freedom from past patterns. 

Are you seeking guidance on safe and transformative psychedelic journeys or macrodosing regimens? Let's talk!

We are not the survival of the fittest, we are the survival of the nurtured.

Louis Cozolino

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