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Loving Ourselves into Power

A life-changing course to develop your self-compassion skills, reconnect you with your inner goodness, and help you thrive in the world as your most empowered self. 

Tuesdays, June 27th - August 8th (with a break on July 18th), 6-8pm EDT, via Zoom (recordings available). Sign up here

Self-love, done right

Do you continue to judge yourself harshly, even though you feel like you've already done so much of the work? Do you find yourself still struggling with insecurity, a sense of worthlessness or even self-hate? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are in the right place.


"Loving Ourselves into Power" is a transformative group experience that will help you transmute nagging self-criticism, self-doubt and shame into an unshakeable sense of self-worth, self-esteem and empowerment.

You don't need to "fix" yourself. You are intrinsically good, you are worthy and you belong in the world just as you are. 

You are ready to heal

  • You are fed up with constantly being at war with yourself and are ready to find peace;

  • You're tired of the inane, exhausting, inner droll of your inner critic and would love to replace it with a supportive voice who cheers you on;

  • Your insecurity stops you from doing things you'd really like to do

  • You feel like you're either too much or not enough;

  • You are tired of people-pleasing, fawning, pretending, lying, contorting, and feeling resentful;

  • You deal with a chronic illness and you know, deep down, that it has its roots in trauma;

  • You only feel 'good' and lovable when you're drowning in an endless to-do list;

  • You are dedicated to your own healing and growth, and are excited to do the work! 

What to expect:
Life-changing skills

Each week, we will turbocharge your self-love skills through simple and transformative meditative techniques. Here's some of what you'll learn:


  • How to tap into your innate capacity for self-compassion, and direct it right where it’s needed;

  • How to stop the war against yourself, and start welcoming all parts of you;

  • How to bring healing to your wounded inner child and repair your attachment trauma;

  • How to build self-esteem the healthy way, without narcissism;

  • How to develop an unshakeable sense of self-worth;

  • How to build on your unconditional self-love to show up powerfully in the world;

  • Transformative techniques such as the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol to reparent your wounded inner child;

  • Powerful meditation approaches to move through difficult emotions such as shame, self-judgment, etc. 

  • ...and so much more! 

A safe and supportive space

  • A small group;

  • Safe, authentic and supportive connection;

  • Text message support in between our sessions to help you apply what you learn in daily life;

  • Plenty of time to share what is on your heart, receive guidance and be supported.

Transformative sessions

  • Experienced, heartfelt guidance in the form of short talks;

  • Many opportunities to practice what you learn through transformative meditations;

  • Ample time to ask questions and hone your self-love skills. 

Now I become myself. It's taken
Time, many years and places.
I have been dissolved and shaken,

Worn other people's faces,

Run madly as if Time were crying a warning,


[...] Now to stand still, to be here,

Feel my own weight and density!

Now there is Time and Time is young.

O, in this single hour I live

All of myself and do not move

I, the pursued, who madly ran,

Stand still, stand still, and stop the Sun! 

- May Sarton

Breathing Meditation

A transformation to look forward to

When you love yourself more deeply, you can:


  • Transform your harsh inner critic into a friend who roots for you;

  • Communicate boundaries comfortably;

  • Express your thoughts and emotions more freely;

  • Share your gifts with the world more confidently; 

  • Experience better overall health;

  • Forgive your mistakes and imperfections, and grow from them;

  • Attract and maintain healthy relationships;

  • Allow yourself to be spontaneous and playful rather than worry about how you come off to others;

  • Take on challenges that are outside your comfort zone: start that business, ask your crush out on a date, etc.;

  • Trust yourself and value our own opinion over the opinion of others;

  • Live your life like your needs actually matter instead of ignoring them to pacify others.

Who will you grow into as you 
love yourself into power? 

Your Teachers

Wise and compassionate guidance for your journey of healing and growth. 

Praise for Federico and Eva

Jeff C. - New York City, NY

"Federico is a gift to experience. I'd be hard-pressed to imagine a more passionate, sensitive, warm, and articulate teacher."

Register here

"Loving Ourselves into Power" is a space of support, deep connection and transformative, unconditional love.

It is important for us to nurture a small group in which everyone can feel seen, valued and supported. For this reason, spots are limited. 

If you feel called to heal and grow, we invite you to join us today. 

Your investment for the course is CAD $1003 (about USD $749 as of June 2023).

Payment plans and two scholarship spots (reduced price) are available. Message us for more info!

Sign up for
"Loving Ourselves into Power"

Admission fee for this course is CAD $1003 (approximately USD $749)


Thanks for registering!

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