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What is Neuroplasticity? Explanation + Video

Neuroplasticity is our brain's ability to learn and adapt in response to stimuli. Even the adult brain has a capacity to change and heal.

Neuroplasticity is crucial in healing disorders of the nervous system, but also in healing trauma, anxiety and depression. Every time our brain is 'stuck in a loop' such as recurring traumatic flashbacks, constant anxiety or seemingly inescapable depression, neuroplasticity can help us step out of the loop and create new, healthier pathways instead.

Beyond these issues, every time we try to change something about our behaviours or outlook, neuroplasticity is at play: it helps us create the reality we want, and become who we want to be.

How does one, then, provide the correct inputs for the brain to learn? Meditation is one powerful way to do so: just as we may have adapted to dysfunctional inputs in childhood and adopted patterns that don't serve us anymore, through meditative practice we can provide ourselves the messages we had been missing, and create new patterns based on those. These can be messages of compassion, of confidence, trust, secure attachment and so much more.

If you are interested in beginning a journey of growth, healing and transformation through meditation, check out the upcoming retreat titled "Re-Inhabiting Our Bodies": embodiment can unlock the door to powerful transformation. I look forward to practicing with you there!

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